Robert Sietsema at Testaccio; Sarah DiGregorio at Olio Pizza e Più & Camp de' Fiori

This week in the Voice, Robert Sietsema discovers true Roman fare at Testaccio in Long Island City; Sarah DiGregorio samples the pies at two new pizzerias, Olio Pizza e Più and Campo de' Fiori.

Sam Sifton awards two stars to Il Matto: "Nothing about the restaurant is perfect. ... The cocktails ... are mostly silly. ... But the service is exceptional and the food beautifully executed."
[NY Times]


Betsy Andrews files on Strong Place, which "seems cut from the Blue Ribbon mold: an ambitious but crowd-pleasing New American bistro with seafood as a draw. But, unlike its potential role model, Strong Place is easily affordable."
[NY Times]

Gael Greene approves of the food, but not so much the room, at Vandaag, and again likes the food, but doesn't care for the service, at Recette.
[Insatiable Critic]

Tables for Two isn't quite sold on Má Pêche, which "battles valiantly against the limitations of its room. ... [T]here isn't a dud on the menu, but there's no real triumph, either."
[New Yorker]

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