Dish No. 15: White Yam Fufu and Mixed Meat Soup at Maima's


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Today's pick: White yam fufu and mixed meat soup at Maima's (106-47 Guy R. Brewer Boulevard, Jamaica, Queens, 718-206-3538).

Concocted of white yams imported from West Africa, the fufu is mashed, pounded, stretched, and generally manhandled until the texture turns to something between rubber and pudding. The taste is clean and only slightly earthy. It serves as a blank canvas for the sharp flavors embodied in the soup that accompanies the fufu, but also in the little dabs of relish that cook Maima puts alongside the mashed yam in the bowl.

Below is a picture of the mixed meat soup, which contains a wealth of dried and fresh meat and poultry products, and even some fish on some occasions. You eat the fufu by dipping it in the soup and bringing it up to your mouth. A big spoon helps you finish your soup after the fufu is done at this delightful Liberian restaurant a few blocks south of downtown Jamaica.


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106-47 Guy R. Brewer Blvd., Jamaica, NY

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