Dish No. 1: Fatty Beef Casserole at Henan Feng Wei

Coincident with the publication of the Voice's annual Best Of issue, we hereby finish up with our 100 Dishes to Eat Now. Thanks for paying attention! And please scour the list of all 100 on the last page of this post, to ferret out those dishes you may have missed.

Today's Pick: Fatty Beef Casserole ($6) at Henan Feng Wei (136-41 Avenue, Flushing, Queens, 718-762-1818).

What are those red dots floating on top, you wonder? They're jujubes, the miniature red dates often used to sweeten and brighten Chinese dishes -- in this case a luscious casserole based on beef brisket, which is the wadded meat you see in the picture. Add cloud ear mushrooms, baby bok choy, and a thick, spicy oil broth, and you have an excellent winter stew.

Henan Feng Wei is a newish restaurant in Flushing serving the cuisine of Henan, a city southwest of Beijing that is considered one of the cradles of Chinese civilization. The place is bright, informal, and one of the friendliest restaurants you're likely to stumble into, and the menu includes cuisine associated with Jiansu and Beijing -- as well as some idiosyncratic twists of its own.

My crew at Henan Feng Wei on a recent evening.

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