NYC Greenmarket Apple Census Shows Four New Varieties, Including Two Heirlooms

Cox's Orange Pippin is one of the new apples being vended in the greenmarkets around the city.

Last year, we conducted our first annual Big Apple Apple Census, in which we discovered and cataloged 30 varieties of apples in area greenmarkets, and provided a handy alphabetized list that included tasting notes. Well, it's that time of the year and we're at it again, and following are the four new varieties to add to the list, making a total of 34 apples commonly available locally. Take a big crisp bite!

COX'S ORANGE PIPPIN is an heirloom cultivar that originated in England in 1825 -- small, tart, and crisp

FORTUNE was developed by Cornell's agricultural division at its Geneva station in the 1990s, and resembles both Macintosh and Delicious in flavor and mouthfeel.

KEEPSAKE: Often incorrectly identified as heirloom, this variety was developed by the University of Minnesota, has a very high sugar content, and was one of the parents of the Honeycrisp.

MARGIL: This rare heirloom dates to the 1700s, when it was the result of a cross between Jonathan and Macoun. It has creamy yellow flesh and the exterior is cosmetically challenged in a charming sort of way.

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