Two Low-Key Food Events: Spuyten Duyvil's Oktoberfest & International Pickle Day

Two attendees at Spuyten Duyvil's Oktoberfest might have been posing for an August Sander photo in the 1920s. Note the lederhosen.


Too many of today's grandiose food events are a pain in the ass to attend, and expensive, too. I'm thinking of shindigs where the line trails down the block and moves at a snail's pace. Events where, despite a high entrance fee, the plates of food are meager and unsatisfying - and I've even been to events where you had to pay extra for food on top of the admission.

The bucolic backyard became Bavaria for a day.

Well, a couple of much lower-key events I attended this weekend were far more pleasurable.

To celebrate Oktoberfest, Brooklyn exotic-suds bar Spuyten Duyvil brought in some German beers I hadn't seen before, and next door St. Anselm provided a roster of sausages, served in much the same way you'd get them at a Bavarian beer garden.

The beers, served in 8 oz mugs at $5 each, included five on tap: Mahr's Safir Weisse, Hofsetten Kuebelbier, Hofsetten GR Nitbock, Hochzeits von 1820, and Gunter Brau Amber Marzen; and one in cask: Bayer Ungespundet Landbier. The sausages were $6 apiece. And there was no admission fee.

The three Hofsetten beers (left to right): Hochzeits von 1820, Nitblock, and Keubelbier

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