Spiderfang Name-Checks Jonathan Gold, Mark Bittman, Tanoreen, Rockaway Taco, Robert Sietsema, and Others on New EP

Rapper Spiderfang's new EP, Hatchback Music, is a three-song effort, and one of the songs is called "Jonathan Gold." Also appearing on the cut is Staten Island rapper and toaster Prince Zimboo, who co-wrote the track. Zimboo has a history of penning food-related songs, and on this cut he gets boasting immediately: "Y'all have your pizza, my fast food is cheetah."

Spiderfang springs back: "I'm high when I do my thing, call me Mark Bittman, how I cook everything. Or we can check out Palestinian, at Tanoreen ..."

Prince Zimboo
The randomized catalog of foods, restaurants, and ingredients proceeds in a rhythmic tour de force. Then, the refrain: "Brains on the stove. How I eat it all, call me Jonathan Gold, Jonathan Gold, Jonathan Gold."

Zimboo continues in a nostalgic and comical vein: "Back in the day I took New York wives to the bush, to cook them fufu and bought them latest Fubu. More recently, to restaurant for spoon and fork, I know they find out that baby not come from stork," and later sings of the pleasures of eating roast baboon breast.


Hear the entire cut here.


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