Where to Get Incredible Fried Chicken on the Way to the Port Authority Bus Terminal

Lightly crusted, perfectly fried, N-Y-C's fried bird is much better than Hill Country's.

We've all had the experience of heading for the Port Authority to make a bus departure, being hungry as hell, and not finding anyplace near the terminal that had halfway-decent-looking food.

At the corner of 39th and Eighth Avenue -- poultry nirvana!

Well, the problem is solved, especially if you don't mind getting your fingers a little greasy. N-Y-C Fried Chicken (598 Eighth Avenue, 212-719-1599) produces one of the best versions of the classic dish found anywhere in Manhattan. The pieces are modest-sized but cheap. They've been only lightly dusted with flour, and fried to a golden brown in fresh grease. What could be better?

The sides are just as "meh!" as they are at KFC, or any similar establishment, and the prices -- ranging from $1.25 to $2.50 depending on the size of the piece and whether the counter guy likes your looks -- are competitive with any in town. Just the thing to torture your fellow riders with on the bus to Totowa.

Teasing your bird out of the hot box.

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