A Calendar for Locavores (or People Who Like Veggie Porn)

calendar pie bird.jpg
Pie Bird Press
Better than a kitten calendar.
Going to a locavore holiday party this weekend and don't know what to get the hosts? Why, a seasonal produce calendar, of course!

This lovely 2011 calendar from Pie Bird Press features sleek graphic images of different types of produce for each month. It doesn't seem completely in sync with the seasons (when was the last time you found asparagus in February?), but it's so cute that it doesn't matter.

aug pie bird calendar.jpg
Pie Bird Press
The calendar is available at Greenwich Letterpress (39 Christopher Street, 212-989-7464) for $26. On the expensive side, perhaps, but it's cheaper than buying all the fruits and vegetables at Whole Foods, no? And it lasts longer! The store is also carrying a large selection of food- and drink-themed holiday cards. Which will make for perfect thank-you notes for the calendar.

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