Exorcising This Year's 10 Most Disturbing Christmas Images [NSFW]

10. Come to think of it, wouldn't it be nice if Santa were a sheep instead of a drunk?

You're probably expunging Christmas from your domicile by dismantling the tree, vacuuming up the damned needles from every corner, and trying to find a place to stash the new presents in your impossibly stuffed drawers and closets. We're trying to exorcise another type of Xmas leftover: the images we stockpiled for your holiday amusement, now dancing in our heads as ineradicable nightmares. So please take one last look at these 10 awful yuletide images before we delete them from the Fork in the Road mainframe forever.

9. Imagine the effect on your guests as they traipse to the bathroom on Christmas morning, and discover this little bathroom ensemble.

8. If there's anything in the world more annoying than a lolcat, it's a lolcat at Xmas.

7. It couldn't have been much more wholesome then than it is now: the future president flogging cigarettes for that post-yule case of lung cancer.

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