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'Twas the night before deliciousness ...

Ah, the holidays. A time for eating, cozying up by the fire, eating, caroling, and more eating. How will New York City chefs be celebrating this yuletide? We got in touch with a bunch of them to see what their feasting entails, and what was the best gift Santa ever brought them.

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Shaun Hergatt

Shaun Hergatt, SHO Shaun Hergatt

What are some of the annual Christmas/holiday cooking or baking traditions in your household?

At Christmas we always cook a lot of Australian favorites such as a pavlova and lamingtons (jam-filled sponge squares covered in chocolate and desiccated coconut) and sausage rolls and mini meat pies.

Where will you be spending Christmas, and what are some of the foods you'll be eating?

I will be spending Christmas local. We will be feasting on lobsters, crab, and lots of wine!

Which makes for a great holiday drink and why: punch, eggnog, champagne, or mulled wine?

Champagne. It's light, it's refreshing, and it goes down well.

What's your favorite food to eat on a cold night?

Roast lamb chops, chicken tika massala, and naan bread.

What's the best food-related holiday gift you've ever received?

Kangaroo meat.

What are you asking Santa for Christmas this year?

A Canon EOS 50D Mark II.

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