Montreal Food Trudge, Part Two: Snowdon Deli, Brasserie T, Laloux, and Beyond

The "medium-fatty" smoked meat at Snowdon Deli is light years different from the smoked meat at Schwartz's.

I traipsed through the snow in Montreal a couple of weeks ago to bring you yesterday's food trudge, which included Au Pied de Cochon, La Binerie Mont Royal, and two competing bagel shops, St.-Viateur and Fairmount. Today we pursue more of the city's iconic eats, illustrating the piece on the Montreal-New York connection that appeared in this week's print edition of the Voice.

The exterior of Snowdon Deli -- located on the west side of Montreal -- is engagingly shabby ...

... and the interior relentlessly pink.

Snowdon's killer fries.

"Dinde fume": the excellent smoked turkey breast sandwich.

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