The Great Foodrock Trivia Quiz: Part One

Last week, Edible Manhattan hosted the third of their trivia nights at Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg, offering prizes as diverse as pounds of coffee, boxes of chocolates, locavoric wines, and, not surprisingly, bottles of Brooklyn beer.

The subject was rock music related to food. Edible Manhattan and Edible Brooklyn blogger and editor Rachel Wharton was the emcee, and I wrote the questions, which came in three sections. Beginning today, and for the next two Saturdays, Fork in the Road presents those questions for your stumpification -- the answers to today's quiz will be posted next Saturday, along with the next installment. Of course, you always have the option of Googling up the answers if you can't wait. So, put a CD on the CD player and put on your thinking caps.


1. What are the four herbs name-checked by the title of a Simon & Garfunkel album?

2. What do you put in the coconut before you "drink it all up," and what Bushwick-born singer penned the ditty?

3. What drug are the Stones referring to in their song entitled "Brown Sugar"?

4. What Southern classic rock outfit invites you to consume a stone fruit as the title of its most famous album?

5. Name two Led Zep songs featuring citrus?

6. What frozen food did ZZ Top commemorate?

7. Name a song by the Beatles and a song the Beach Boys that cite the same foodstuff vegans are not permitted to eat. Extra credit: List a third and fourth song that do the same by either band.

8. On the bootleg of Smile by the Beach Boys, an album that was never released in its original form, what famous musical couple appeared on the song "Vegetables"? Extra credit: What did their vocal performance consist of?

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