Xocolatl de David: World's Most Expensive Caramels

My fingers were itching to open the box and see what was inside ...

Fork in the Road's Lauren Shockey has already written about Meadow, the twee little shop on Hudson Street likely to be one of the foremost foodie gift destinations of the holiday season. A Portland, Oregon, import, the store specializes in different kinds of salt. Salt?

At over $3 each, you probably won't be eating them all at once.

Yes, salt, that crystalline compound that underpins every successful recipe. It was previously under-fetishized, and Meadow seeks to fill the gap by offering not only salt in a rainbow of colors from around the world, but also miniature salt spoons (suspiciously like repurposed coke spoons), salt mills, salt shakers, blocks of salt in different shapes, salt safes, and other fussy accoutrements that will help you become as salt-obsessed as a victim of high blood pressure -- though at something of an opposite extreme. Visit Meadow and be the first in your neighborhood to follow an all-salt diet.

Wisely, Meadow doesn't limit itself to salt and its contingent devices. It also sells, within a narrow West Village storefront, fresh-cut flowers, periodicals and books that showcase the foodie lifestyle, and chocolates hand-crafted in small batches.

Some of the prices on chocolates -- many originating in Portland -- will take your breath away. Which is how I managed to buy what I think must be the most expensive caramels in the world.

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