Alan Richman Will Appear on Treme

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Four years after he wrote a post-Katrina appraisal of New Orleans restaurants that angered the city's inhabitants almost as much as the entire Bush administration, Alan Richman is returning to the scene of his crime, sort of.

In an interview with Grub Street, the GQ critic mentioned that he's making a cameo on Treme. He'll appear as himself, though the plotline will be fictional, much like it was when Tom Colicchio, David Chang, Wylie Dufresne, and Eric Ripert appeared on the show last May. Sadly, there's no indication that Anthony Bourdain will be making a cameo in the same episode.

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didn't this fraud say creole's are like leprechauns, they don't exist? i'd love to drop him off in the 7th ward on a steamy, dark night after letting my "imaginary" creole brothers know i was coming in hot....


God, Please keep this freak out of the city!