Burger King Jalapeno & Cheddar Stuffed Steakhouse — Reinventing Meatloaf

Though the bun displays more buoyancy, the BK Jalapeno & Cheddar Stuffed Steakhouse resembles a standard burger -- minus the pickles and onions.

For the last couple of decades, to make their products seem more "natural," fast-food franchises have shunned fillers and chemical additives. Before that time, everyone assumed that the burgers at most fast-food outlets had been "extended" with fillers, making them cheaper to produce, and that chemicals had been added to make the products still look and taste like pure meat.

An interior view.

In a rush to develop the Next Big Gimmick, Burger King is throwing those prejudices out the window with their new Stuffed Steakhouse series, of which Jalapeno & Cheddar is the first roll-out. The Steakhouse series, you will remember, is a collection of dolled-up burgers that are slightly thicker, and have wilder combinations of toppings, while still remaining in the Burger King canon -- in other words, you can still hold your head high while wearing your paper crown.

The jalapeno and cheddar is mixed into the meat in little flecks, changing the appearance of the surface and cross-section when you bite down. The little cheese globules spurt, more like Velveeta than cheddar, and the jalapeno dice lies oily and fat, like a comb-over on a bald man. Mixing the cheese in with the meat means you get a lot less cheese than you would in a cheeseburger, and, really, mixing anything in with the meat when you're making a burger means that you're really making meat loaf.

I ripped the burger with my teeth like a caged animal.

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