Feed Your Hole Food Truck Now Dishing Up Burgers and Hot Dogs

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Feed Your Hole
The Nut Burger: a protein-packed gutbomb.
The streets may be slush-filled but that hasn't stopped customers from venturing out into the cold to sample the city's newest mobile food purveyor, the Feed Your Hole truck, specializing in burgers and hot dogs.

According to the truck's website, the burgers come on brioche buns from Nerranova bakery in the Bronx while the beef is 100 percent grass-fed, and the dogs are Hebrew National. The menu consists of a pretty standard range of wieners and burgers, with the exception of the Nut Burger, topped with peanut butter and bacon.

But before you rush out there to sample what might have come close to being Elvis Presley's favorite burger, the truck's Twitter feed is alerting customers that it's working a private event today but that it should be out and about tomorrow.

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Their burgers may be original, but the logo on the truck is blatently ripped off.We're hip and trendy, but we'll steal a Santa Cruz Skateboard logo because it looks cool and people will think we're edgy and hard core.