Food Network Losing Its Fan Base

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Don't worry, Giada, men are surely still watching you.
Things aren't looking so cheery for Giada De Laurentiis and Sandra Lee. Their TV home, the Food Network, is showing signs of decline as it experienced a 10.3 percent drop among viewers ages 25 to 54 -- a key demographic for advertisers.

According to the New York Post, the network has been struggling to deal with shifting tastes and viewers who prefer "reality" competition shows and edgier programming. At the same time, networks like TLC and Bravo have introduced culinary-based shows like Cake Boss and Top Chef, which further dilutes the viewership. Oddly, the Post article mentions nothing about Cooking Channel, parent company Scripps Networks' edgier, hipper food channel. Could it be that Food Network viewers have simply switched their allegiance to the new channel? Seems like an obvious reason, no? And perhaps if the Food Network unveiled some new shows and talent, it would actually be fun to watch again and the network could gain a whole new audience.

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And some of us who watched in the past have dropped cable all together. Plus who wants to see celebrity chefs act like their 'poop' would be excellent served with a 'look at me I'm so cool' reduction. I'll be just fine if I never see another tastgasm. Mmmmmmmmm-mmmmm STFU!


Hey Food Network: You've Lost Your Mojo! Can you say denial?You blame shifting audience interests with tastes running to edgier reality shows. You point a finger at the overall drop in cable subscriber­s. You complain about the crowded field of cable food shows, with non-food channels like Bravo and TLC jumping on your gravy train of food shows.Did you ever think it could be the programmin­g?