Fraunces Tavern Has Reopened

Fraunces Tavern: staying power.

After months of renovations, Fraunces Tavern, the bar where George Washington said goodbye to his troops in 1783, reopened last night, the Daily News reports. The bar's original ceiling beams have been uncovered, and much of its new furniture has been made from wood reclaimed from locations as diverse as a Brooklyn bowling alley and the bar's own floorboards. An adjacent restaurant is expected to open January 17.

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Eddie M
Eddie M

Oh my. I am ashamed. I jumped to judgement and failed. I wanted to hat you but cannot. It was my error. I am bloodied, but unbowed.Carry on, there is nothing to see here.


From the NY Daily News article: "The restaurant will soon feature 14 tables made from pieces of a Brooklyn water tower."

From your "story": "... a Brooklyn bowling alley."

So, what the fuck? Explain your failure. Reading comprehension or "journalistic" license?


Eddie M.