Great Snacks of the World: Deep-Fried Kale Chips

Deep-fried kale makes a festive snack.

Finally had a chance to sit down and review my culinary input during the recent holidays, a time when one downs so many new things that it's hard to sort them out. One of the best things I tried was at an East Village community garden Christmas party -- deep-fried kale. The chip-size swatches were more satisfying than potato chips (and I'm not bullshitting here), crisp and verdant, tasting like the decent olive oil they'd been fried in (you know, the kind in the big cans at the Italian grocery). Just wash the kale carefully and dry even more carefully, tear the leaves into pieces about two inches square, and immerse in oil just below the smoking point. Frying takes a minute or two (stir vigorously), depending on how hot the oil is. Sprinkle with sea salt and serve.

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I had this when we stayed at The Inn at Perry Cabin, the only difference was they served the entire fried leaf. It was a delicate, nutty taste and like any good food made you want more. Even if you do not like greens, I would bet you would like kale prepared this way.