The Health Department Tries Yet Again to Scare Us Away From Sugar

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Not content to leave New York with the indelible image of a grown man drinking a glass of human fat, the Health Department has renewed its efforts to convince us of the evils of sugary beverages.

The department just launched its latest installment of its Pouring on the Pounds campaign with subway posters and a commercial that uses sugar packets to illustrate how a few sweetened drinks per day can add up to 93 packets, or 1,400 calories. Although nowhere near as, er, visceral as its previous video, the new one does still fulfill its gross-out quota with a shot of the rotting feet of a diabetic. Whether or not it will deter anyone from drinking Coke, it certainly is effective as an appetite-suppressant.

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I wonder how many fried chickens the fat man in the scooter had that morning. Soda is NOT the sole cause of obesity. It is just the easiest target, vilify and tax. Government officials should not be looking to tax us as the way out of their fiscal numbskullness.

Perhaps a certain government should be more concerned with the fat in their budgets then what is on my waist.