MeatWater is Brilliant, But Everyone is Too Stupid to Understand Why

Till Krautkrämer
Love MeatWater.

There have been some recent reports going around the blogosphere about MeatWater, a new beverage that resembles VitaminWater but is flavored to mirror one's favorite porcine and bovine dishes (i.e., Dirty Hot Dog Water, Wiener Schnitzel Water, Tandoori Chicken Water). What a zeitgeisty product, no? After all, bacon soda recently came to market and all things meat-related grab headlines. But seriously, food writers! Have you not been to MeatWater's website and realized that it wasn't an actual beverage product but a piece of performance art? AOL, how dense are you to believe that it is a real beverage company? Still, we had to learn more, so we got in touch with founder Till Krautkrämer. Guess what? MeatWater is even more awesome than we'd originally thought!

When asked if he would first clarify if his beverages as performance art or exclusively a comestible, Krautkrämer replied, "MeatWater is 'The King of Newtraceuticals.' It is the essence of nutrition, and the memory of dining without the hassle of eating. I see it as a comestible work of art, a ready made artificial beverage like no other before."

Genius! This is McLuhan at his best -- it's the medium, people, not the message. MeatWater is brilliant because it makes consumers and the new-obsessed food media examine the kind of consumer culture they're creating -- not because it has anything to do with wacky food flavorings. Indeed, Krautkrämer divulges why he created the product: "The impetus is consumerism and the concept of 'time saving.' Many new products make a selling point of how much time can be saved if only you buy some new thing. Cars, computers and other gadgets claim to free you from the drudgery of labor. But life is not about sitting back and pressing buttons, it's about getting involved."

Till Krautkrämer

Krautkrämer notes that he created the company along with Brian Kane to raise awareness and to promote responsible global citizenship. He wanted to "create an artificial beverage like no other before, establishing an unparalleled closeness to our privileged consumers by inspiring them to demand their personal favorite flavors, to get involved by participating in the flavor contest on our website, enabling Liquid Innovations R&D to be swift to react to local demands and respond faster than any other brand, and be able to give back to the community."

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