Paty's Taco Truck Returns to Upper East Side, Gets Towed by Cops

Amy Zimmer/DNAinfo
Paty's Taco Truck, the truck that was kicked out of the Upper East Side a couple of months ago following weeks of ticketing, returned to Lexington Avenue and East 86th Street earlier this afternoon. The NYPD, however, was not moved by its celebratory $1 taco deal, and towed the truck away around 1 p.m. Per DNAinfo, the cops confiscated the truck after issuing it a $55 summons for selling merchandise from a metered spot. Reportedly, some eight officers had been monitoring Paty's all morning, presumably to protect frightened Upper East Siders from the sobering threat posed by tortillas and salsa. But who will protect them from themselves?

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These trucks are popping up on every corner taking parking and adding generator noise and smells. The food is cheap and good yes but at what cost to the city? Cheers for the NYPD. The vendors have a group called THE STREET VENDOR PROJECT, a completely one sided organization. Pushback on street vendors is coming. Pedestrians have rights. Storeowners have rights. Residents have rights. In Chelsea there is an average of 2 new food trucks per day. Many do not move the trucks at all. Imagine you live on the second floor for years and one day a huge truck with a generator pulls up and starts the generator. The smell overwhelms you once humble residence. It is happening all the time. Lets not make our city into an American version of Calcutta or Cairo with street vendors everywhere.

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