It's Harder to Get Hired at Per Se Than It Is to Get Into Harvard

Although it's hardly news that being a server at Per Se isn't quite the same thing as being a server at Applebee's, CNN's Eatocracy today spells out exactly how yawning that discrepancy is.

At Per Se, Daniel, and similarly high-end restaurants, CNN tells us, "it's typical for 80 to 100 résumés to come in a day for serving positions. Of those applications received, about five are called for a phone interview; of those five, two are called in for a face-to-face and one is asked to trail, or shadow, the actual position."

In other words, you have a better chance of getting into an Ivy League school, though you'll probably be paid less when you graduate than most of the waiters who work at Per Se.

And if you're interested in working at Daniel, the restaurant's GM, Pierre Siue, advises, "We look for the finesse of a ballet dancer, because it's like choreography what we do; discipline of a military person because there are 65 people on the floor in the front of the house; and team spirit of a football team." The silver lining? There don't seem to be any standardized-test requirements.

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It's worse than having standardized test requirements.. because you are quizzed and tested every moment and if you make any mistakes on an ingredient someone could have an allergy.. and you will be quizzed to come up with answers immediately.  I used to work at a 2 star restaurant that would send you home if you couldn't remember every ingredient and preparation for any dish they named.  And sent home twice meant you weren't coming back.