Peruvian Viagra (Leche de Tigre) and Other Upland Delights at Lima Limon

Tah-dah! Peruvian Viagra with all the fixin's.

While American men are popping little blue pills in the privacy of their boudoirs, Peruvians depend upon leche de tigre ("milk of the tiger"). It refers both to a multi-seafood ceviche in an extravagant quantity of milky fluid served in a soda-fountain glass, or to a shot glass of an enhanced version of the marinade, to which fish sauce and a proprietary combination of Andean herbs (often including maca root) have been added.

Stuffed mussels also come with a shot glass of Peruvian Viagra.

Men in Lima stand on street corners and knock back shot glasses of leche de tigre on the way home from work, or on the way to a date. Does it work? Try it for yourself, but if you believe, it will. Just like the little blue pill, but way less expensive. (Or you could try sitting in a pair of bathtubs and gazing at the setting sun.)

This week, Counter Culture invades Lima Limon, a new Peruvian restaurant in Elmhurst with a specialty in ceviches. Here are some pictures of the luscious (and sometimes arresting) food.

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