Robicelli's Cupcakes Will Pop Up in Nolita This Weekend

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Mrs. Robicelli/Flickr
The controversial "Hot Josh."
Following the Open Gallery pop-up they participated in at the beginning of January, Robicelli's Cupcakes is returning for a second go-round in Nolita.

On Saturday, January 29, Matt and Allison Robicelli will bring cupcake flavors old and new to Park Here, the gallery's pop-up indoor park at 201 Mulberry Street. From 11 a.m. till 6 p.m., they'll be selling creations like chocolate peanut butter pretzel, El Guapo (sweet corn cake, cilantro lime buttercream), Chicken 'n' Waffles, and the Hot Josh, described by Allison Robicelli as "the most controversial cupcake of our marriage." Why? Because these are its ingredients: "Celery root & carrot cake with Point Reyes blue cheese buttercream and citrus tinged Buffalo chicken."

The Robicellis have apparently been arguing since October 2009 over whether this thing should even exist. One could predict that customer reactions this Saturday will settle the matter once and for all.

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Point Reyes Farmstead here - this has got to be the most insane recipe using our cheese that we've come across. It'll either be amazingly fantastic or well, amazingly NOT. (Huge bonus points for creativity regardless. :) Please keep us posted on the Robicellis' customers' response. If you can figure out how to pack and ship while preserving the cupcake's integrity -- we would love to try it!


Hey Jill!

We use Point Reyes for all our blue cheese buttercreams (the other cupcake we do with it is "The Iona": a pear-olive oil cake with Point Reyes blue cheese buttercream, candied walnuts and port wine reduction). That one has been one of our most popular for close to two years, and we've converted many former blue-cheese haters with it. This one is quite a bit more savory that the Iona, but so far our test audiences have loved it. You can hit up our site at http://www.robicellis.tumblr.c... and shoot us an email. Whenever you guys head over to NY, call us and we'll give you a personal tour of the best joints to eat in Brooklyn (we grew up here, so we know ALL the good spots).