The Terrorist Tea Pot and Other Suck UK Kitchenware

Terrorist Tea Pot & Cozy -- This teapot is a standard, 1.5-liter, bone-white model with spooky eyes painted on either side of the spout, designed by Jackie Piper. Slip the knit tea cozy over the top (it keeps the tea warm), and suddenly your teapot is a terrorist, or a bank robber at least.

This morning I put up an appreciation, noting a few negative aspects, of a key chain corkscrew made by the quizzically named design company Suck UK. A visit to their website revealed even more amazing stuff, much of it not available in the U.S. Here are a few of my favorite items.

Chopstick Drum Sticks -- For the musician in your life, a bit of whimsy. Actually, they might come in handy to pass the time while you wait hours for your noodles at Ippudo. Presumably, you can use the end with the nipples to get extra leverage to lift big lumps of food that might slip through the pointed end.

Alt Mugs -- These coffee mugs have been subtly altered to change their function in big ways, making them a piggy bank, putting game, cream pitcher, and ashtray. Once you buy all four, they're likely to never be in the same place ever again, so the whole point is lost, right?

Splat Stan Coaster -- Anticipating your own subversive sense of humor, Suck UK has manufactured coasters for hot and cold drinks in the shape of a guy who has just been squished by a great weight from above. But the product poses the question: If you're the kind of person who insists on keeping the finish on your mahogany coffee table pristine through enforced use of coasters, aren't you the wrong type to get the joke?

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