What to Drink at The Drink: Hot Punch

Each week in The Daily Shot, we have ourselves a drink that we think you should try, too.

Some like it hot.
​​The drink: Hot Punch

The bar: The Drink, 228 Manhattan Avenue, Williamsburg, 718-782-8463

The price: $5

The ingredients: Varies, but will likely include a combination of fresh-squeezed fruit juices, warming spices, and rum or whiskey.

The buzz: Did you know that when you heat up alcohol it gets absorbed more easily and quickly into the body? We're no scientists here at Fork in the Road, but we know from drinking. We put this theory to the test at the Drink, a new bar in Williamsburg with a strong focus on punch. The cold punch went down well enough, but the hot punch was already sending tingly waves of warmth to our toes three sips in. The two house punches change regularly (our hot one was made with pineapple, mango, and lime juice; apple cider; nutmeg; cinnamon; and peppercorns), but are always a cheerfully cheap $5 a glass. If that doesn't warm your heart, nothing will.

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warm punches imbibing beyond cheap shots taking the north beyond shelter island. a wonderful comeback as stoked to see classic drinks being poured removed from this hilarious notation of pretentious restaurants that take all the fun away with having starched uniforms whereby simply moving to wash your hands let alone even thinking about what to eat become laborious. i've heard of a more enjoyable 9 months, imagine carrying the thing for 9 years and finally screaming -- "I've GOT to SQUAT, you assholes are simply TOO pinched and dropped the bar!!"