Battle of the Valentine's Day Chocolates: Russell Stover vs. Whitman's Sampler

Lauren Shockey
Life is like a box of (V-Day) chocolates?

It's almost time for Chocolate Day! We mean Valentine's Day! For this week's Battle of the Dishes, we're comparing heart-shaped boxes of chocolates -- Russell Stover and its drugstore rival, Whitman's Sampler. Two classics that beg the question "Who's the sweetest of them all?"

Lauren Shockey
Russell Stover

Box 1: Russell Stover Assorted Fine Chocolates

Russell Stover Candies is the nation's leading manufacturer of boxed chocolates and the third largest American chocolate manufacturer, after Hershey and Mars, so what better box to begin the taste test? We chose one embossed with gold and "Happy Valentine's Day" across the front. Inside we found the following 12 sweets: seven milk chocolates filled with either caramel crème, Butterfinger-like crunch, dense caramel, soft caramel, chocolate nougat, a disgusting bubble-gum-flavored nougat, and a sort of corn-syrup-flavored caramel, while five dark chocolates were filled with either caramel crème, marshmallow crème, chocolate ganache, or gooey caramel. Really, each candy seemed amped up on corn syrup and wasn't that distinguishable from another. But the chocolates were fairly large and several came with a drizzled chocolate design.

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I hate that weird bubble-gum chocolate stuff, too! A friend of mine actually just did a super similar post comparing top brands like See's, Lindor and Dove. Thankfully you guys do these difficult taste tests :) I'd hate to end up giving someone a blah box of chocolates!