Beer for Harlem, Beer and Dirndls for Midtown

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Coming right atcha, Third Avenue.
Today's weather lends itself to thoughts of heavy drinking, making it a good time to spread some alcohol-related developments.

Harlem, DNAinfo reports, is set to get its very first beer garden. Called Bier International, its owners have applied for a sidewalk-café license for the space, which is set to open on Frederick Douglass Boulevard near West 113th Street later this year.

Meanwhile, farther downtown, Grub Street has discovered that Bierhaus, a beer hall with a menu reminiscent of that at Pittsburgh's famous Hofbräuhaus, will open on Third Avenue in the vicinity of Grand Central. In addition to an exterior modeled on an Alpine chalet, it will feature waitresses wearing dirndls and waiters clad in lederhosen. Should go over well with the happy-hour crowd, not to mention role-playing fetishists.

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Good luck to the new Bier Haus in Harlem and Grub Street. Family Festival and Fun should be the name of the game. And Lederhosen and dirndls--you can see some at : www.MyDirndl.Com. We love to work with businesses as well as individual customers!MyDirndl.Com