Brooklyn Dog Food Makers Eat It; Roseanne Barr Goes Nuts

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Two Brooklyn women who make Evermore Pet Food plan to eat their dog food daily for a month beginning March 1 to prove how good it is.
[CBS News]

The struggling A&P supermarket chain is being forced to close another 32 stores in six states as part of its turnaround strategy, including 17 in New Jersey and nine in New York.

Spanish chef Santi Santamaria died unexpectedly in his Singapore restaurant, Santi, in the Marina Bay Sands casino-resort complex on Wednesday.
[Wall Street Journal]

John Codling, an investor in the Lion, is apparently upset that Dan Abrams and Dave Zinczenko get all the attention.
[NY Post]

Someone bid $300,000 at a benefit for Mount Sinai Hospital's neonatal intensive care unit for a dinner for 10 prepared by Geoffrey Zakarian.
[NY Post]

Roseanne Barr is trading in comedy to star in a reality show on Lifetime about her macadamia nut farm in Hawaii.

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Photoshop courses Sydney
Photoshop courses Sydney

Grain is a significant part of substandard quality of dog meals because it can be used in big volumes in meals because of its low cost and it then degenerates into a simple product element. The typical and recommended amount of 70% in dry meals is much too high and should not be involved in a BARF eating plan. 

Dog Food Coupons
Dog Food Coupons

An unusual but daring way to prove the quality of Evermore Pet Food. Hope the plan of these spunky ladies produces the results they're expecting. .