Daniel Boulud the Target of a Labor Lawsuit

Daniel NYC
Speaking of confusion surrounding the Hospitality Wage Order: There's another restaurant lawsuit afoot, and this time it's directed at Daniel Boulud.

The lawsuit was filed by Arie Ohayon, a former bartender at Bar Boulud and Bar Pleiades. It alleges that Boulud failed to pay him proper overtime and spread-of-hours wages. Ohayon's lawyer, noted chef-chaser Maimon Kirschenbaum, told Grub Street that he'd like for Ohayon's suit to become a class-action suit alleging that non-service employees were illegally included in the tip pool.

Ohayon also alleges that he was fired in part for writing management a letter claiming that a fellow bartender violated the health code by handling ice with her bare hands. Even if he doesn't win the suit, he'd probably be a shoo-in for a job with the Health Department.

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Boulud is a total crook. The lawyer only got involved after a small group of servers that got sick and tired of putting $1000/shift into the pool and walking away with $75/shift got enough balls to file a petition with the NY State Dept of Labor. After they investigated, they found fault. Open up any tip distribution at any of his restaurants and you have maitre'd, expeditors, and other "managers" part of the distribution system. It's a total crock! Boulud's been opening restaurants around the world off of the backs of his staff, many of them imprisoned to him on work visas from France; speak up and you will need to go home to France! Daniel you jerk, pay your staff out of the profits, and let your servers and bussers earn a living!