The Recipe of Coke, Revealed?; Chef's Tables Are All the Rage

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An Atlanta radio-show host recently revealed what he claimed was the original formula for Coca-Cola, a recipe that includes coriander oil and citric acid.
[NY Times]

In Nigella Lawson's kitchen, mugs live in a drawer so as not to waste space in cupboards, and pegs are custom built for someone her height.
[Wall Street Journal]

Hong Kong is home to a growing number of small, independently owned coffee shops, often with themes like board games or books.
[Wall Street Journal]

Yet another piece on the eco-friendliness and healthfulness of insects as food -- plus, their nutty flavor. Archipelago in London and Toloache in New York both serve bug dishes.
[Wall Street Journal]

An excerpt of Gabrielle Hamilton's Blood, Bones & Butter depicts brunch service at Prune, which she compares to the Indy 500 with 200 covers done in five hours with just 30 seats.
[NY Post]

Joseph Leonard, Bell Book & Candle, and Aldea are among restaurants offering chef's-table meals, in which diners can get front-row seat to the cooking action.
[NY Post]

Nearly a year after fast-food joints were kicked off U.S.-led coalition bases, Pizza Hut reopened a branch at Camp Phoenix on the edge of Kabul.
[Wall Street Journal]

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Liza de Guia
Liza de Guia

Hi Chantal! Did you listen to the This American Life story? It's really really good. Especially the parts where they try to figure out how to make it.

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