Fat Pants Friday: Blue Sky Bakery's Blueberry Muffin

Rebecca Marx

At this point in breakfast-pastry history, the only thing separating most muffins from cupcakes is frosting. They've become almost unrecognizable, tarted up like baby beauty queens with ingredients better left to cookie dough and trick-or-treating. So it's a pleasure to go back to basics with a blueberry muffin, particularly when it comes from Blue Sky Bakery.

As its neighbors will attest, the miniscule Park Slope storefront is always crowded, and with good reason. Its $2.25 muffins are both amply endowed and categorically delicious, and typically served hot. The muffin pictured above was still warm even after a half-hour commute to Manhattan, and with a little prodding split open to reveal a still-steaming treasure trove of blueberries. The crumb surrounding them was fluffy and tender, and contained by a deliriously crunchy shell. It was, all told, an exemplary way to start the day, providing a respectable carbohydrate rush without being so sweet that we had to fight the urge to return to bed -- "bed" in this case meaning the floor under our desk.

It's a chunky, happy thing, this blueberry muffin, and accordingly registers a pair of Relaxed Fits on the Fat Pants scale. And that's fine, because if breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it should be celebrated as such.

Blue Sky Bakery
53 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn

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Fat Pants Friday used to feature mouthwatering desserts or baked goods to lead us into a weekend of pleasures. The fatteningness, health values, and social responsibleness of the food was not a primary focus.

Now we are reduced to reading about blueberry muffins from Brooklyn. While I would take a trip almost anywhere to find a delicious blueberry or sweet potato pie, good blueb. muffins are featured in assorted bakeries in each borough.

Often VV food features seem to be about places in the writer's neighborhood or on the way to or near the office. Winter has been bleak enough this year without skimping on real treats.


Amy Thomas
Amy Thomas

And don't forget those antioxidants buried in that trove of deliciousness. Thanks for the tip!