No. 6: Sandwich #1 at Saigon Banh Mi Bakery

This jam-packed sandwich will set you back only $3.75.

Saigon Banh Mi Bakery started out in a little stall under the Manhattan bridge, then hopscotched to the southeast corner of Mott and Grand streets (where it cowered behind a jewelery store), then recently leaped over Grand and established a new, extensively expanded space on the north side of the street just west of the DiPalo Italian product empire.

The last two incarnations of Saigon Banh Mi have included a bakery, turning out the kind of featherweight demi-baguettes that Vietnamese sandwich makers prefer. The place also makes its own pork sausage -- skinless, crumbly, and bright red -- that forms the basis for Sandwich #1. Added to this is the bland, Bologna-like pork "pate," pickled root vegetables, spears of fresh cuke, and wads of cilantro.

The contraption is dressed with mayo, and it's one of the best -- and cheapest -- sandwiches you're ever likely to find. At your option, it can be made hot by addition of fresh jalapeños.

Saigon Banh Mi Bakery
198 Grand Street

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