On Sara Jenkins' Italy Trip, Expect Unfettered Pasta Consumption

Last week, we learned that Sara Jenkins will be leading a trip to Italy later this year. She's since provided us with a few more details.

The trip, which will take place in July, comprises stops and stays in Naples, Rome, Montepulciano, and Bologna. Each leg will feature some aspect of pasta education, be it a visit to a family-run pasta-making company or a class taught by local experts.

There will also, thankfully, be copious pasta consumption: tortelloni, tagliatelle, pastaciutta, cannelloni, pici, pappardelle, and malloreddus are but a few of the varieties that Jenkins and the trip's co-organizer, Pamela Sheldon Jones, expect to ply their participants with. For more information on the six-night trip, which costs $3,950 (excluding air fare), e-mail pamela@foodartisans.com.

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Patricia Gardner
Patricia Gardner

It's Pamela Sheldon Johns--Not Jones! Get it right folks.