The Bean Is Screwed Until It Can Pay $24,784.50 in Back Taxes

The Bean
Earlier today, the Bean, the First Avenue coffee shop beloved by East Village caffeine nuts and dog owners alike, was shuttered by the state.

After EV Grieve first reported the closure, DNAinfo got on the horn with the Department of Taxation and Finance and learned that the shop owes $24,784.50 in sales tax dating back to 2009. The situation is sadly reminiscent of that of Vox Pop, another neighborhood gathering spot that died numerous deaths at the hands of the tax man before finally succumbing to its wounds last summer.

Last fall, the café, which turned eight this month, suffered another assault when an SUV cab crashed through its front window, injuring four people and killing another. It reopened for business the next day; this time, it may not be as lucky.

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As manager of The Bean I am very sorry for any inconvenience. We messed up big time. We will be open tomorrow and we will make it up to our customers. Just to let you know we will take care of our employees for the time they lost for our screw up. Sorry again.Guy

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