The Top Five Valentine's Day Sweets at Economy Candy

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Lauren Shockey
Economy Candy's Valentine's Day Chocolates = Better than a lover.

Valentine's Day may claim to be about love and all that crap, but really it's about candy and getting a sugar high. And no one in New York knows candy better than Economy Candy, the beloved Rivington Street shop that's been peddling sweets to young and old since 1937. So what are the top sellers at the shop come V-Day? We popped in to find out.

According to owner Jerry Cohen, "chocolate and anything red in color" are top sellers. Not surprising, but the store offers a few unexpected treats:

Lauren Shockey

Chocolate Roses -- Because they're made of sugar and cocoa, these treats are obviously better than their floral namesakes. And at 99 cents a pop, they're cheaper, too. But they probably won't last as long.

Lauren Shockey

Conversation Hearts -- Why these candies are popular is a mystery since they taste like chalk. But people love them, notes Cohen.

Lauren Shockey

Chocolates in a Chocolate Box -- These treats beat out the classic Whitman's Sampler since you can actually eat the box, which is also made out of chocolate.

Lauren Shockey

Red Hots -- These tiny cinnamon candies have been sizzling since the 1930s and are created by using the cold-panned candy method.

Lauren Shockey

Chocolate-Covered Pretzels -- Combining both salty and sweet, these sugar-covered confections please all -- plus pretzels kind of look like twisted hearts, no?

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