Coffee Houses Say 'We're Sorry' Over Price Hikes

Magically appreciating beans.
Your morning cup of of joe is about to get a little pricier. But the good folks at Joe the Art of the Coffee want you to understand why. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the six locations across the city posted detailed one-page apologies explaining why the cost of an average cup is going up 10 to 20 cents.

Of course, we all knew it was coming. Coffee prices have been on the rise for more than a year due to a perfect storm of growing demand and poor harvests, and it's finally caught up to retailers. Joe's certainly isn't the only place raising prices to compensate for its own higher costs. Porto Rico Importing Co. raised the cost of a pound of beans by a dollar for the second time in six months; Third Rail Coffee in Greenwich Village will soon increase its prices by 5 percent. Even Starbucks has had to hike its prices. Now that its customers are hopped up on 31 ounces of caffeine a pop, however, they have bigger problems to worry about.

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Christina Berg
Christina Berg

This is nonsense, the coffee houses are not your friend, the profit margin is HUGE already,tell me does it cost $6 to produce an extra shot latte iced at the third rail or starbucks or even $5, I don't think so. In fact a 20z cup of milk is not $1, but coffee houses have no problem shoving an iced americano down your through, what if you want the ice latte but want to add your own milk, or use the milk at the concession stand in a small quantity. The coffee houses are greedy. Tell me can a person who makes $5-10$ hour afford it everday even once.

Americanos are insulting, it implies americans like watered down coffee true for bad coffee.