Coconut Oil Makes a Comeback; New Chile is World's Hottest

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Gabrielle Hamilton on Blood, Bones & Butter: "I wrote a book in a way that I would like more people to write books. I'm not afraid of the real truth. There is nothing you can tell me about yourself that is going to make me clutch my pearls."
[NY Times]

Once maligned for its cholesterol and saturated-fat content, coconut oil is now the darling of the natural-foods world, especially with baking vegans.
[NY Times]

Mark Bittman calls not for an end to agricultural subsidies, but rather a reform of the program so that it favors fruit and vegetable growers.
[NY Times]

Chipotle is celebrating its 18th anniversary with a new "Food With Integrity" campaign that features its burritos wrapped in gold foil.
[Nation's Restaurant News]

Three New Jersey greenhouses comprise an $800,000 project called Arthur & Friends that trains developmentally disabled workers to grow sustainable produce.
[NY Times]

Patrons and staff at La Perle in Paris were tight-lipped about fashion designer John Galliano's recent anti-Semitic outburst in the restaurant.
[NY Times]

Now that the U.S. government is recommending we eat eight ounces of fish a week for the omega-3s, messages about cutting back on overfished breeds are even more mixed.
[Wall Street Journal]

A new breed of crazy-hot chile called the New Mexico Scorpion Chile -- able to eat through skin, clothing, and plastic -- is debuting at the Albuquerque food show.
[USA Today]

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