The Foodie Registry Invites Married Couples to Hit Their Friends up for Dinner

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Couples in Hong Kong recently began turning to McDonald's to fulfill their twisted dreams of matrimonial bliss, and now a fast-growing website is making it possible for American couples to gain edible payoff for their decision to wed.

Launched in Chicago in February 2010, allows couples to register for restaurant meals, Nation's Restaurant News reports. So instead of getting useless kitchen appliances and incipient dust magnets, the newly married can hit up their friends and family for a dinner at a decent restaurant -- and don't even have to go through the hassle of figuring out how to split the check!

So far, the site, which bills itself as a "registry for upscale restaurant gift certificates," includes restaurants in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver, and Miami. It is not, its creators emphasize, some kind of tawdry discount provider like Groupon or DealOn. And it will not, sadly, provide you with a dress made out of balloons or an apple-pie cake. But such are the myriad sacrifices of married life. Get used to it.

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Ben Reid
Ben Reid

Thanks for the mention! We're launching in NYC shortly, keep your eyes peeled (and fork ready)!



Xni Xoman
Xni Xoman

well i used skype because it was fast and had no ads and now i have listen that from that they will be having their posts on the skype for the windows that true?