Windows on the World Will Not Be Resurrected in the Freedom Tower

Although the Freedom Tower is now home to the world's highest-altitude Subway, it will not get a brand-new version of Windows on the World.

The New York Post reports that plans for the restaurant were abruptly scrapped due to cost issues and the "difficulty of finding a restaurateur willing to run a likely money-losing operation." Ouch. Well, at least they're honest, although Port Authority executive director Chris Ward's insistence that "New York already has plenty of great restaurants" doesn't really apply to the tower's immediate neighborhood.

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William Justice
William Justice

That's kind of ridiculous! I would LOVE to use my $$$ to go up and eat at the top of this building. I think many more would agree with me on that.


Ohhh I'm sure the executives who work their are going to love having to leave the building on a rainy day just to get lunch