Our 10 Best and Cheapest Grand Central Terminal Eats

5. Caramel Nut Bar at Li-Lac -- Recently establishing a retail space in Grand Central Terminal, this West Village stalwart makes excellent chocolate that tastes like no other, and one of their greatest creations is the caramel nut bar ($2.75) in either light or dark chocolate, or even without the nuts if you'd rather. Vegetarian, Grand Central Market

4. Texas Chain Gang Chili at the Manhattan Chili Co. -- From the list of nearly a dozen chilis offered every day at the Manhattan Chili Co., Texas Chain Gang ($5.25 per cup) is our favorite, and it's also the hottest: coarsely ground chuck and kidney beans zapped with fresh jalapeños and canned chipotles, served with your choice of toppings (green onions or shredded cheese are both fab) and cornbread or oyster crackers. Dining Concourse

3. Guacamole at Zocalo -- Served with a humongous sack of chips, Zocalo's guac ($6.50) is simplicity itself, laced rudimentarily with onions, cilantro, and chopped tomatoes, and thus the emphasis is on freshness. Nothing's hiding inside this guacamole! Vegan, Dining Concourse

2. Selection of Oysters at the Oyster Bar -- When you pop in the door, don't turn left into the dining room, go right and take a seat at the snaking lunch counter or at the oyster bar, and enjoy a half-dozen (the price varies, but it's usually around $15) of the most pristine bivalves available in the city, from sources that include West and East Coast beds. Up a ramp from the Dining Concourse

Epic entrance to the Grand Central Oyster Bar.

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