Some of the Many Wonderful Things We Ate at Choice Eats Last Night

Rebecca Marx
The broccoli sandwich from No. 7 Sub was equal parts virtue (broccoli!) and vice (everything else), and as a bonus came with some nifty cookies.

We ate an ungodly amount of food at Choice Eats last night, and, if the crowds were any indication, so did you. What follows is a sampling of what we were able to resist consuming long enough to photograph. Note that although these photos reflect our vegetarian and pescatarian leanings, not to mention an insistent sweet tooth, we're extremely grateful for all of the wonderful chefs and restaurants who lent their time and labor to the event, and helped to make this year's Choice Eats better than ever.

Rebecca Marx
Coney Island Taste's ceviche mixto was a refreshing testament to the joys of pescatarian eating.

Rebecca Marx
Del Posto's chocolate and eggplant -- ice cream and chocolate sauce served over a tile of fried eggplant -- caused some of the longest lines of the evening, as attendees queued to watch the restaurant's chefs painstakingly shape delicate ice cream quenelles.

Rebecca Marx
Over at BaoHaus, Eddie Huang topped white rice with an incendiary combination of chili peppers, celery, and legumes.

Rebecca Marx
Dirt Candy's Amanda Cohen served delectably smoky fried cauliflower with buttermilk waffles and wild arugula. Hello, sunshine.

Rebecca Marx
The handsome fellas from Baked made salt-and-pepper sandwich cookies that we could have eaten by the handful.

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