Dunkin' Donuts Launches Cheeseburger Sticks; Food Addiction Real

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Dunkin' Donuts is launching cheap snacks, including apple pie and breadsticks stuffed with cheeseburger, and pepperoni and cheese. A revenge move for McCafé, perhaps?
[Nation's Restaurant News]

Health Department staff are no longer allowed to serve deep-fried foods at office functions. They also must drink tap water or low-cal beverages, and cut up muffins and bagels before serving them.
[NY Daily News]

Slowly, after centuries of overfishing and decades of being off-limits, cod are trickling back in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Long Island.
[NY Times]

Some people's brains respond to food the way junkies respond to drugs, according to a new study on food addiction.
[Wall Street Journal]

A growing contingent of urban farmers in the city are growing their own vegetables in tiny backyards, raising small-scale livestock, keeping bees, and pickling -- and blogging it.
[NY Post]

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Tramadol Addiction
Tramadol Addiction

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