Frites n Meats' Propane Tank Explodes, Injuring Two

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Well, this certainly puts last Friday's food-truck scuffles into perspective: Earlier this afternoon a propane tank on the Frites 'n' Meats truck exploded after the truck collided with another vehicle. Two people on the truck were burned; fortunately, their injuries do not appear to be life-threatening.

DNAinfo reports that the burger truck was driving south on the West Side Highway, en route to an evening shift in Tribeca, when the collision occurred. One of the truck's propane tanks then burst into flames; thankfully, the truck's other tanks were unscathed.

The Frites 'n' Meats truck is owned by three brothers, Ali, Mohamed, and Hiassam Beydoun. Following the accident, one of the brothers Tweeted that he needed help finding his siblings, who had been taken to the hospital. Here's hoping they have been reunited, and have a speedy recovery.

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Cabrito papa
Cabrito papa

Oh come on, get your facts straight...

The DOH does in fact regulate food trucks. They are inspected before they're allowed to operate. There's a cap on the number of permits. They are frequently ticketed by the NYPD for non-offenses. The vendors also need to have a mobile vendor food protection license. And it's not like brick and mortar restaurants don't burn down in this town.


This is just another hazard of food trucks. They are driving around with flammable explosive material in the truck. When they idle, they are polluting out air with their diesel generators, and when they are driving around, they can potentially blow up. Nice to know the city is regulating them (not).


when is big Daddy Bloomberg going to try and regulate foodtrucks the dept. of health regulates and outrageouly fines bars that don't serve food , harrases restaurants and tickets EVERYbody . Yet the evergrowing food truck populatiin is NOT regulated at all? They are often filthy, spew odors, smoke, and gas fumes and are a real DANGER and health hazzard . I guess he's waiting until they make more $$ before he shakes them down like he does every other small business in NYC.