Jamie Oliver Feels Really Bad About Huntington, W.V. Losing Its Funding

Jamie Oliver, disappointed in U.S. Foodservice
Earlier this year came the sad news: Without celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution, the town of Huntington, West Virginia, was done for. At least, its healthy-food-focused Huntington's Kitchen, the school that Oliver founded when he came to film his show in the town, was. U.S. Foodservice, one of the country's largest food distributors, had pulled the $25,000 it pledged to fund the school. Now, the Naked Chef says he's none too happy about it.

Oliver tells YumSugar:

I'm surprised that such a big organization couldn't fund such a cheap thing, because they'd sort of promised they would. I'm a bit upset because U.S. Foods is such a massive company. [The good news is] Doug Shields, who runs Cabell County Hospital, has continued funding the kitchen without any of our intervention, which means that we set up a good, sustainable, reasonable relationship. ... He's doing fund-raising to find the missing cash that would replace what U.S. Foodservice would do. ... I'm hoping that we'll get U.S. Foodservice back.

Maybe the question should be, what would happen with his intervention? Or should we say, re-intervention.

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I think it is ridiculous that we can't realize what we are doing to our children and our future, mainly because we are too lazy to do anything about it, me included. I think we should take more time to show our kids how to be healthier and learn the same thing in the process. I don't know about everyone else but I am not to proud of being a part of what is being called the fattest city in America. I applaud Jamie and what he is trying to do with our children and if our government would get their heads out of every other country's a$$ and start spending on the future of our children then maybe some of our problems would start to go away. Fixing the problem starts with fixing ourselves.