Darna's Falafel Makes Sexytime in Cobble Hill

Rebecca Marx

Falafel doesn't typically remind people of something found on a Prince B-side, and perhaps that's as it should be. But it seems that the people behind Darna, a falafel bar set to open in Cobble Hill, feel otherwise.

Pardon Me for Asking happened upon the restaurant, which will open on Court Street, and found the following sign hanging in its papered-over windows:

Oh my love, where have you been for the people of Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens?

You have always been so good to the people that hold you.

The perfect combination you are: soft on the inside yet firm sexy brown on the inside.

Being with you my love always leaves us stress free and healthy ... We love you dearly ... Falafel [Emphasis theirs, obviously.]

At least they didn't go the "soft and wet" route.

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i have been waiting so long for this place to open and it finally has..let me say the workers are so friendly especially the guy up front and the falafel sandwhichwas great..also the chicken BLT loved it! just what we needed here on court street. Thanks Darna


انشاء الله بلتوفيق والف الف مبروك زاكي كتير الفلافل