Stephen Colbert Goes to Tea & Sympathy, Fails at Being British

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The royal wedding is fast approaching (only three weeks away!), so best learn the correct etiquette should one be invited to the big day. Our invitation is surely just lost in the mail (or in the post, as the Brits would say). Same probably goes for Stephen Colbert, but he's making sure that he's ready for the festivities. On last night's episode, he met with royal biographer Hugo Vickers (betcha he was teased and called "Knickers Vickers" as a child) at Tea & Sympathy to learn the fine art of tea drinking.

Unlike the fine men across the pond, it becomes readily apparent that Colbert wasn't raised by a nanny, and thus has absolutely no table manners. Their lesson goes to shambles by the end, but in a hilarious way.

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