Before Todd English Was Sued by His Landlord, He Got Dumped by Boston

Celebrated chef or Drakkar Noir ad? You be the judge.
We thought Todd English's latest problems were limited to his alleged failure to pay the rent on his $9,000-a-month Broome Street loft, but lo, we were mistaken.

It seems that, like English's landlord, the city of Boston (or at least the part represented by the editors of Boston magazine) has called upon the chef to account for his sins.

Last week, Boston published a three-page Dear John letter of sorts, titled "Dear Todd English: It's Not Us, It's You." Things, the letter begins, "aren't working out the way we'd hoped. You're simply not the chef we fell in love with back in 1984; in fact, we sometimes wonder whether you even like cooking anymore."

The letter goes on to enumerate the chef's failings, from a string of closed restaurants to cash-management issues to "the painful uninspiredness" of English Is Italian. "It's altogether embarrassing," the letter concludes, adding "it really is time we moved on."

Like many a bad boyfriend, Todd English seems to be oblivious to the feelings of his ex, but judging by his website, that's not exactly surprising: Given his eight headshots and accompanying description as "one of the most decorated, respected, and charismatic chefs in the world," we'd surmise that he only has eyes only for himself.

[Via Grub Street]

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MC Slim JB
MC Slim JB

Before Boston Magazine dissed Todd English, they were apologizing for him, as recently as two years ago: As one of those early English fans from the days when he was actually about cooking instead of building a brand, I responded to that thinly-disguised puff piece thus: Most of Boston got over Todd long ago. But it's still a little revolting to hear him rationalize the choices that led him to his current pass.