Vestiges of Norway in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn: Kringler, Firklover, and Knackebrod

Norwegian and American flags flap outside of Nordic Delicacies.

But the most significant remnant of Norwegianism in the region is Nordic Delicacies (6909 Third Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-748-1874), a store that sells mainly Scandinavian products. The window is filled with trolls, perhaps for the purpose of scaring away children. Inside, the products run to hardtack flatbreads; hard cheeses; fluted, iron-pressed wafers with intricate designs on them; fruit preserves; and canned fish products. A section of the store is devoted to Norwegian tourist crafts, including sweaters, lapel pins, and miniature trolls, of course.

The store is worth a visit, if only to buy lefsa, the thinly rolled potato flatbread that may be spread with jelly or butter. The deli also provides prepared meals in a Scandinavian vein, three or four per day, for carryout.

Potato lefsa -- this flatbread is damn good, and could be used for all sorts of purposes!

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